Matthew Schupack | Projects

Chip-8 emulator | May 2020

I wanted to learn more about emulators, and I’d been meaning to play around with rust for a while, so I decided to implement a chip-8 emulator in rust. It’s not 100% polished, but it can play games and demos fairly well.


Tuneweb | January 2017

I made Tuneweb to help me find new music to listen to. It uses d3 and the api to visualize neighborhoods of similar artists. Users can type the name of an artist, and see a graph that shows artists related to the one they typed in, as well as artists related to those artists.

prototype / source | December 2015 - February 2016

Website for local St. Louis band Lobby Boxer. This was my first every web-dev project, and I taught myself JS, html and css as I went. I designed and built all parts of the site. It features a responsive design, automatic fetching of photos using the Facebook Graph API and an audio player using the Web Audio API .

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